Friday, January 11, 2019

2nd Wakefield (Crofton) Executive Meeting September

2nd Wakefield (Crofton) Executive Meeting

Minutes; Thursday 13th September, 8-9pm venue Shay Lane School Crofton

1. Welcome and introductions
2. Attendees: Dave (Chair), Joanna (Minutes), Dian, Julie E, Hilary, Richard, Julie S, Phil, Kriss
Apologies for absence: Mark, Clare (received after the meeting)
3. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 14th June 2018 approved as a true record
4. Matters arising
  • Neckers have arrived. Agreed to phase out old ones as member’s move up sections
  • Trailer sign: This is being organised by Joanna/Mark and an update will be given at a future date
  • Any outstanding GDPR training: Julie E, Hilary, Richard, Julie S, Phil. Outstanding validation of training: Kriss, Diane, Dave. Joanna has completed training and had it validated and gave feedback re pertinent points. Please remember to (bcc) any emails and ensure any data relating to scouts on mobile devices e.g phone numbers etc are stored on a device with a secure password etc. Emails sent to parents via OSM have an increased level of security.
  • AGM plans 7pm for a 7.15 start Thurs 27th Sept. ‘Bring an adult to scouts night’ to include different activity bases run by leaders/ scouts. Apols from Richard  
  • Updating website: Work is ongoing. Action: Dave to arrange a meeting with Mark/Dave B

5. Treasurers report/Financial Matters
  • Subs and update (inc. matters arising i. Hilary gave an update re outstanding subs inc members who did not increase payment 1st Sept. she has sent out emails to those adults responsible  All payments including those overdue have to be via bank transfer with immediate effect. ii. Hilary ’s access to OSM Action: Dave ).
  • Community a/c £ 3532.26, Subs a/c £2203.75. Gift Aid claim still to be submitted once Hilary has received all forms. Capitation due Jan 2019.  
  • Financial statement inc final year-end statement for 2017/18 will be ready for AGM
  • Bankcard has arrived

6. Fundraising
  • Feedback re Fun Day: Issues re; equipment etc discussed. However, despite all the challenges it was a successful day and £590 profit was made; thank you to everyone who helped to make it a success. It should be considered that next year we should ask parents/members to help although it was acknowledged that the event is held on a working day during the peak holiday season.
  • Bags for Scouts Action: Diane
  • Community Chest Application to be completed/submitted  Action: Diane and Dave
  • PCC grant Action: Diane to explore as previously we have been turned down for this as we did not meet the grant criteria
  • Bag packing: It was agreed that it would be good to do a bag pack to raise money for a specific group-wide event/camp to be held next year. Action: Diane to contact relevant supermarkets
7. Group scout leaders report
  • Dave updated meeting re outstanding training for leaders
8. Section leader’s reports
  • Beavers: 30, 10 going to William’s Den in Oct
  • Cubs: 28, Elvington Camp in Oct
  • Scouts: 25, Red Rose Camp went well, no international camp planned now  until 2020
9. New equipment
  • Inverter now purchased and fully functioning and used at last scout camp with great success!
10. Any other business

  • Crofton Beacon articles submission dates  (these will be rolling dates also from 2019)
16 January  exec
16 February cubs
16 March beavers
16 April scouts
16 May Cubs
16 June beavers
16 July scouts
16 August exec
16 September Cubs
16 October beavers
16 November scouts
16 December exec

11. Date and time of next meeting  inc the meetings for this academic year 2018/19
(usually first Thursday of each half term, Shay Lane School 8-9pm. * adjusted  slightly due to late Easter break )
8th Nov 2018,  10th Jan 2019, 28th Feb 2019, 2nd May 2019*, 13th June 2019*

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