Friday, January 11, 2019

Crofton beacon article

Crofton beacon article December

It’s a few weeks away from Christmas as I write this quick message from 2nd Wakefield (Crofton) scout group. By the time you read it, we will be a few weeks on and looking to the New Year! 
And that’s how quick scouting time flies-in our scout group we have leaders that started to volunteer when their children had just started in Beavers ( our youngest section) and are still volunteering their valuable time long after their young Beaver has moved through the Cubs and Scouts sections and left the group to put all those invaluable life skills into practice. 

It is truly rewarding to see our young members utilise the survival skills, friendships and knowledge they develop in scouting in their day to day young adult life. Still able to smile whilst striking camp in the snow or hiking through a muddy field in the middle of winter? Might not seem a skill that can be utilised in adult life but it helps develop team building skills, enables them to support others in difficult situations and build emotional resilience!

We have three active sections in our group and if you know a young person between 6-14 who would like to join the adventure and see what striking a camp in the snow is actually like then please and I will gladly put you in touch with the relevant section leader. 
And if you are a little older and have an hour or two ( or more!) and would like to join as a volunteer then please drop me an email at the same address. 

So from this scout group secretary who started 10 years ago agreeing to volunteer with a bit of fundraising and has enjoyed watching  one scout utilise those  skills in adult life and who is about to see a second  scout soon leave Crofton and move onto Explorers
 ( the district sections for scouts aged 14-18) I would like to thank all our volunteers and wish them and you a happy healthy and peaceful 2019.
Yours in scouting
Joanna Burton
Crofton scout group secretary