Thursday, September 27, 2007

Paying in

It's always a pleasure to see the nice ladies in the HSBC branch near to my workplace, not least because it usually means I am paying money into the Scouts account!

Today it was a cheque for £24.37 resulting from recent sales from our first webshop. As usual, our thanks to all who have visited either of our webshops. (I shall update the News message there when I can remember the password for the account!)

We must also thank the kind mum who donated her time and materials to make the wonderful camp blankets which many of the youngsters have bought.

Don't forget, you can now raise funds for Crofton Scouts without lifting a finger (well, almost!) by using the Yahoo-based EasySearch search engine. So far I'm told our searches have contributed £0.11 to our account! Hopefully this figure will rise as word spreads about this feature.

Webb Ivory orders are also keeping Squirrel busy with goods being delivered well in time for Christmas this year. We'll let you know the commission raised in due course.

Finally thanks to all who attended the Virgin Vie party at the Royal Oak - this raised just over £100 for scout funds.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Subs payments - a thank you

Just a quick note of thanks to all parents who have already paid this half-term's subs. This method will help considerably on the admin side and I'm sure allow the pack meetings to start more promptly.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Gmail is Google's free webmail service. It comes with built-in Google search technology and over 2,600 megabytes of storage (and growing every day). You can keep all your important messages, files and pictures forever, use search to quickly and easily find anything you're looking for, and make sense of it all with a new way of viewing messages as part of conversations.

There are no pop-ups or untargeted banner ads in Gmail, only small text ads. Ads and related information are relevant to your messages, so instead of being obtrusive, they may even be useful for once.

Gmail also integrates instant messaging right into the email experience, so you can stay in even better touch with your friends when you're online. Easy, efficient and maybe even fun to use. It's a whole new way to think about email. It's Google's approach to email.

Click here for more information.

Some of our leaders have been experiencing problems with their e-mail accounts recently and have switched to GoogleMail as a result.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Virgin Vie party

There will be a Virgin Vie party on 26th September, 8pm in Royal Oak. All monies raised will go to Group Funds.

Ladies night really but blokes welcome too!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Notice of Changes to Sub Payments

For those who missed it, here is an announcement from our Group Scout Leader, Chris Stead:

Crofton Scout Group is introducing a change to the way subs (membership fees) are collected.

Currently members pay £2 in coin each week of the school terms, amounting to £78 over 39 weeks. This way of collecting subs is very time consuming.

We would like to start to collect the SAME AMOUNT in total, but spread out in installments over the year. This would equate to £13 to be paid at the start of each half term (6 payments per school year).

This should bring about a number of benefits, including:

The scouting sessions will be able to start more promptly, without
the leaders having to chase coins around the school hall floor!
Save time changing money
Getting the subs into the bank will be more efficient
Section leaders will have less administration to worry about at the
end of their busy sessions
Less time chasing overdue Subs, for section Leaders
No need for parents to search for that £2.00 change every week
Less stress for Leaders during a busy session

We will implement theses changes after the Summer School Holiday i.e. when we resume in September. We apologise for the short notice. Preferred method of payment by CHEQUE made payable to "2ND WAKEFIELD CROFTON SCOUT GROUP" with your child's / children's name on the back. Alternatively CASH in a SEALED ENVELOPE, again CLEARLY MARKED WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME. The first payment is due week commencing 3rd September, so start saving your £2.00 through August!

Raise funds when you search the web!

by following this link

From the people who brought us the EasyFundraising webshop....

Use easysearch every time you search online and they'll give 50% of the fees paid by their advertising sponsors to your chosen cause.

easysearch is powered by Yahoo!, the world's 2nd largest search engine. It works just like Google, bringing you fast, accurate results every time, but unlike Google, easysearch gives you something back!When you search the web with easysearch you could generate about a penny for 2nd Wakefield Crofton Scout Group with every search you make. It doesn't sound like much, but the pennies soon mount up and you can raise £25.00 a year - or more - just by switching your normal searching to easysearch!

Make sure you are supporting:

2nd Wakefield Crofton Scout Group


If you prefer you may type into your Address Bar to go to our EasySearch page.

Think you've seen this item before? Yes, you have! After a false start a couple of months ago, it seems that this service has now been officially launched.

P.S. If you want you can even set EasySearch as the default search engine on your PC by clicking here.