Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Raise funds when you search the web!

by following this link

From the people who brought us the EasyFundraising webshop....

Use easysearch every time you search online and they'll give 50% of the fees paid by their advertising sponsors to your chosen cause.

easysearch is powered by Yahoo!, the world's 2nd largest search engine. It works just like Google, bringing you fast, accurate results every time, but unlike Google, easysearch gives you something back!When you search the web with easysearch you could generate about a penny for 2nd Wakefield Crofton Scout Group with every search you make. It doesn't sound like much, but the pennies soon mount up and you can raise £25.00 a year - or more - just by switching your normal searching to easysearch!

Make sure you are supporting:

2nd Wakefield Crofton Scout Group


If you prefer you may type http://2ndwakefieldcroftonscouts.easysearch.org.uk/ into your Address Bar to go to our EasySearch page.

Think you've seen this item before? Yes, you have! After a false start a couple of months ago, it seems that this service has now been officially launched.

P.S. If you want you can even set EasySearch as the default search engine on your PC by clicking here.

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