Sunday, October 26, 2008

Subs payment arrangements

We are delighted to welcome our new Assistant Treasurer, Hilary, who will be looking after the collection of subs from now on. Hilary will aim to attend Beaver, Cub and Scout pack meetings in the early part of each half term to collect subs directly from parents, thus giving the Leaders more time to get started with the evening's activities.

It would be helpful if parents could remember to send subs in with their child to the first meeting of each half term. Just a reminder that the preferred method of payment is by cheque made payable to "2ND WAKEFIELD CROFTON SCOUT GROUP" with your child's / children's name on the back. Alternatively cash in a SEALED ENVELOPE, again CLEARLY MARKED WITH YOUR CHILD'S NAME.

Camp fees will continue to be paid via the Section Leaders.

In the new year we shall be looking to introduce an electronic payment option, possibly spreading the annual subs across twelve equal monthly payments (of £6.50). Details to follow.

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