Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Beaver programe

hi everyone, we seem to be going from strength to strength within our beaver colony, and we would like to let you all know what exciting things will be happening in our programme until the end of March, so here we go,

9th Feb,
we are working towards our air activities badge-making paper airoplanes and para shoots.

23rd Feb,
we are celebrating lord Baden-Powell's birthday along with otters, kits and badgers, so we are having a party (yay) with games and party food.

2nd March,
we are having a visit from our very own (Mr akala) who is a police officer, to have a chat with our beavers about anything they would like to talk about.

9th March,
we are working towards our Hobbies badge, so beavers will be talking about what hobbies or other activities they take part in other than scouting.

16th March,
we are making mothers day gifts and cards

22rd March,
we will be attending Crofton church for the mothers day service which was a real hit last year with the children and parents.

23rd March,
pond dipping at Winterset, details to be arranged

30th March,
Easter celebrations, making Easter goodies, and games

Also this year we are going to arrange a beaver sleep over, there will be beaver craft day, the beaver ball and a beaver fun day plus lots lots more to be added to our programme.

we would like to thank all leaders and parents who make all our activities run with great success so THANK YOU EVERYONE,

from badger, kit and otter

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