Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Escouts Community

One scouting resources website that I find I visit above all else is the excellent which is a Scouting forum & Community that also offers free website hosting to Scout sites. The site itself thrives with one thousand unique visitors a day and over ten thousand visitors in total but a little promotion wouldn’t hurt to a receptive audience.

So what’s in it for you, the Scouter? Do you need free hosting for your Scout website or are you just looking for help building the website? Do you want to chew the Scouting fat on a forum as opposed to a newsgroup or do you have a question for the Chief Commissioner?

You may answer yes to some of the above, but Escouts answers yes to all of them! Such a fine site must be part of the Scout Association’s set up surely? Nope, the independence of Escouts means people can talk freely from the heart about scouting.

Members of the Escouts team described the site as a‘living thing’ and talked about the fact that it is always being developed. The latest addition to the site is the social group function. There’s everything from Bushcraft to Blackberry mobile user groups and it allows chatter to kindred spirits in a fill your boots kind of way!

I could go on but I’ll finish with how the site has been summed up by members in one word. ‘Useful’ and‘Community’ were some good answers but be sure to log in and decide for yourself at

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