Thursday, March 08, 2007

Comic Relief 2007

COMIC RELIEF – 3 Challenges In 30 Minutes

We are pleased to advise on Thursday 15th March, at our Cub pack meeting, we will be having a sponsored event for Comic relief. Please read below on the important aspects of this event and what we will be doing.

Comic Relief's Red Nose Day will be The Big One, and a big year for Scouting too as we celebrate our Centenary. Since its launch in 1985, Comic Relief's Red Nose Day has been hugely popular with Scouts of all ages. So popular in fact that The Scout Association has teamed up with Comic Relief to encourage all Scout Groups to take part, and help make Red Nose Day 2007 even bigger and better than ever!

Not only will we be raising money for a fantastic cause, which helps thousands of poor and disadvantaged people across the UK and Africa, the event will also form part Join-in-Centenary Programme, an important part of the Scouting 2007 Centenary celebrations.

The Join-in-Centenary Badge, which is part of the special year-long
Join-In-Centenary Programme, encourages Scouts to explore adventure, international friendship, community and the environment among other themes. Taking part in Red Nose Day 2007 is therefore a great way for young people to think about people in need around the world, and show their friendship by fundraising. Part of the Cub Scout promise is ‘to thing of others before themselves’.

What will 2nd Wakefield Cubs be doing?

3 challenges in 30 minutes (whilst wearing a big red nose)

All Cubs taking part will receive a Comic Relief Big Red Nose

1) Centenary Ball Bounce: In pairs Cubs will bouncing, catching and throwing a ball 100 times.

2) Jelly Eating with a difference: using a knife & fork and whilst wearing large gardening gloves

3) Comic Relief Word search: to be completed in the time scale

Please support Comic Relief by sponsoring a Cub, and help them get sponsored by others.

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David Brown said...

Thank you to all the Cubs who took part and to all relatives and friends who sponsored them. This event raised £110.50 which has now been paid into the Red Nose Day 2007 fund.