Friday, March 30, 2007

Scouting and Camping

Ask a Scout member what they do in Scouts and one answer you will probably get is we go camping. Scout members from Young to old, Cubs through to Adult Leaders love Scout camps and the fun and exciting experiences they can bring. Through out the UK we have many scout camp sites available for scouting purposes only, where kids and adults can enjoy the great outdoors in a safe environment. The follow is a useful link to the Scout Campsite directory:

AKELA'S Top Tip: One item I can strongly recommend anyone to invest in for their camping trip is a Camping Sleep Mat. Feeling cold on a night, whilst trying to sleep, is not an enjoyable experience and can leave you feeling negative towards camping. A lot of cold is felt through the floor when camping, and sleeping on the ground. A camping mat will insulate the sleeper from the cold and can make camping a total different experience. When I was a young Scout my Mum and Dad kindly bought me my first Camp Mat, and almost 20(ish!) years later I still have and use the same mat, money well spent, thanks Mum & Dad.
Happy Camping

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