Saturday, May 12, 2007

GiftAid update

Just a gentle reminder for any parent who hasn't yet submitted a Gift Aid Declaration that it's not too late to do so.

We recently received £200.85 in GiftAid from HMRC for our first claim relating to subs going back to 2001.

A year's subscription to Crofton Scout Group is currently £78 (assuming a 39 week year). Gift Aid can potentially turn that amount into £100!

We are currently preparing the necessary data for the 2006-07 Tax Year Gift Aid claim. With the declarations we have already we can claim back approx £240. Please help us to increase this amount if you are able to make a Gift Aid Declaration.

To find out more about Gift Aid, and to download a Declaration form, please visit:


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Treasurer,
I have some more Gift aid Forms filled in by some kind parents.


PS Thank you to all parents who have already returned their forms, your support is greatly received.

David B said...