Sunday, July 22, 2007

News page makeover

Regular visitors to this page may have noticed a few changes over the last week or so. These changes have been made in an effort to make the page more useful, to have more content and to fit in with the overall look of the rest of our website.

Here's a quick guide to the new format to help you to get the most out of it.

The left hand side of the screen now starts with a list of "Labels" which are links to certain categories of blog postings. Hopefully this will help you to find a posting which has fallen off the main page but is still relevant.

Underneath this are the most recent postings, some of which have comments. Click on the COMMENTS link at the end of a posting to see the existing comments or to SEND YOUR OWN COMMENT (which may be sent anonymously).

Most of the recent changes have been additions to the items available down the right hand side. Please take a few moments to try some of them out:

Searches. You can perform a Google search for anything on our website, or on the internet as a whole, using our Google Custom Search. There's also a link to the new EasySearch facility which will help raise funds for us when the system is launched in a few weeks' time.

Shared Items. These are links to items on other websites which may be of interest. The list of items will be altered from time to time to keep it interesting!

Likewise with the Scout Association - Scouting Plus links.

Underneath this is a link to the Crofton Community section of the Wakefield Express website which is likely to be updated weekly.

That's about it - for now ;)

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